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Sal the Foot's Calculator helps you get the best return on investment (ROI) in Mob Wars La Cosa Nostra, Viking Clan, and Pirate Clan.

I expect to keep this calculator going through 11/28/2023 with no ads! If you enjoy this app, it would really mean a lot to me if you'd consider kicking in some amount to help cover my costs and my time keeping it updated. See how! Thanks!

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Pick your game, enter your current property holdings, and the calculator recommends your next purchases. In addition to showing your best purchase, it also ranks all properties by how good of a deal they are. The more green a property appears, the better the deal. The more red, the worse the deal.

To avoid getting recommendations to buy properties you don't yet have access to (or simply don't want to buy), unmark the "investable" box for the properties you don't want recommended. (If there is no "investable" column on your chart, you can add that column by going into settings and checking "investable", then applying settings.) Click for more info with screenshots.

Be sure to click the "Save Data to Server" button before leaving. This saves any changes you made to properties or settings. If you do not click this before you go, any changes you made will be lost.

Kano offers a second version of their games. Use the "Server 2" links to save your holdings, just as if it were a different game.


New users: Simply pick a game and make up a 8-18 digit id number of your own choosing.
Existing users: Select a game and enter the calculator id number you've used previously.

Be sure to write your id number down or bookmark the calculator page you're taken to. Do not share links with others. If someone else has your id number, they can change your save data. (Don't use popular numbers such as all the same digit.)

NOTE: I only have id numbers associated with names for my paid supporters. If you've supported this app in the past and have lost your id number, feel free to contact me with your name and I'll get you your existing id number.

Mob Wars LCN

LCN Server 2

Viking Clan

VC Server 2

Pirate Clan

PC Server 2



After reading the info above, if you still have problems or questions, stop by this app's SUPPORT PAGE and let me know.


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In March 2012, this project (previously at was taken over by "Sal the Foot" of "Sal the Foot's Mob Wars Guide". Before that, this calculator hadn't been updated for quite a while. I updated it with all the latest properties and made it work with a facebook login instead of using cookies. In August of 2019, after problems with Facebook, this was made standalone once again, but still utilizing a database for saves instead of cookies as it did before 2012. In December 2020, this app was moved to

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